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Is article submission outdated for SEO?

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Is article submission outdated for SEO?

I was thinking of buying Jetpact, but I'm a bit concerned that some of the marketing strategies being taught are a bit outdated. I was just looking at the Affilotools section and I noticed that "Article Directory Submission" was one of the methods. This is no longer viable according to Matt Cutts.

https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/news/ ... ks-just-no

I'm was quite interested in the Jetpack course, but I don't want to waste my time or money if I'm going to be taught out of date techniques.

Can someone please clarify my concerns.
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Hi Howie,

Yes that is true: submitting articles to article directories is no longer effective as these sites are only made up for link building. That is what Matt Cutts explained in the article. However, submitting articles to websites that are high in PR, similar to what you promote, and has a good reputation online is a GOOD thing for SEO. I am talking about doing guest posts to high PR sites that are very similar to your niche and sites that have a good online reputation. This strategy is what we are promoting in our courses.

The Jetpack is not outdated. We have a dedicated department who overlooks and updates the content in this course.

If you have more questions about the product, feel free to reply here or you may also submit your concern via email here.
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Some SEO companies offer to create articles for you, filled with links pointing back to your site and submit them to article directories that rank high in search results because of their mass of content. This would theoretically boost your PageRank by providing you with valuable links to your site. This technique was a winner until Google’s Panda algorithm update brought it crashing down by decimating the rankings of these “content farms” and even penalizing sites with too many links coming from them. In the post-Panda world, article submission to content farms is either practically useless or can possibly penalize your site. Stay away.
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Article Submissions
Sounds harmless enough: Write content for various ezine websites that publish your content for free and offer a link back to your website.
Why not do it? This was not a bad SEO strategy up until Google's "Farmer Update", which essentially took away much of the SEO value that the ezine-style content farms had. But even prior to the Farmer Update, writing articles only for the sake of obtaining links resulted in low-quality, barely readable content that did little to grow your brand.
What to do instead: Spend time writing one insightful article for your own website or guest blog post, rather than writing 10 uninspiring ezine articles. You will find that one high-quality article will often be picked up and linked to from multiple sites.
4. Blog Commenting (only for the sake of a link)
By entering your website url into the comment fields of certain blogs, it was once possible to improve your search engine rankings.
Why not do it? It's a waste of time. Now these links offer little to no SEO value and frustrate the very bloggers you should become friends with.
What to do instead: Leave insightful comments that other users will appreciate. Engage in conversations and be of value to other members. Rarely promote your own content, except when highly relevant. In the long-term your SEO efforts will benefit far greater than leaving random blog comments.

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There are lots of sites where everyone posts their reviews, they're probably not so effective, but if it's blog related to SEO and there are 1-2 review so it will be very good for your SEO
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If the word “EzineArticles” falls out of your mouth when you start talking about your SEO, you should just stop right there. Even before the Panda update, this really wasn’t the best use of your time and essentially was just a way to get some quick links back to your site.

Get this through your head: link building isn’t easy. It, like all things in optimization, takes time and effort.

Instead of going after easy links, why not work on building relationships with bloggers and work on writing guest posts that can add value to their site and community while benefitting you with exposure to their audience and possibly building a quality reference from an authoritative site.
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Article submission does not have any SEO value so far. However you can do Guest posting to get most out of your content.
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