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I need help to find for blogs with comments

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I need help to find for blogs with comments

Hello, affilorama forum friends,

Can you help me to find some blog commenting sites that instant approves comments?
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Blog commenting sites are of completely different kinds and most blogs use comment moderation for dealing with spam comments. As well as they are different in the sense they approve backlinks.
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We do not advise you do this as it is a form of spamming and the links that you would get from these blogs are probably no-follow. If you would like to get high-quality links from related websites, you will need to do guest posting instead. Write really good content and you would have a higher chance of getting quality backlinks.
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Do you really want to get backlinks by doing Blog commenting?
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Type in the person's name and "+ blog" in Google's search engine. Click "Search." If the person uses Blogger, then her blog address will show up in the search results since the site is owned by Google
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This has to be matched to individual parameters. After all, it's complicated. On the other hand, most forums are quite active now, everything happens quickly, so I don't see a problem at all.
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Moderation is everywhere.
It is normal to check the correctness and accuracy of the forum in order to avoid racism, negativism, disrespect, nonsense and other things.
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Do guest posting instead, create quality content and get quality links from guest post marketplace like Kallisto.io. This strategy is way more effective than blog commenting.
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