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How to Increase Website Traffic: Top 20 Steps

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How to Increase Website Traffic: Top 20 Steps

There are millions of websites on web and all of them want only one thing; that is, TRAFFIC. Those who pay heed to following 20 points get the maximum visitors and online sales. Pay attention to following points if you want higher website traffic;

1. Talk about your business on social media
2. Start blogging
3. Invest in SEO
4. Think about running PPC ads
5. Publish guest posts on relevant blogging platforms
6. Participate in discussion forums
7. Run banner ads on websites with your target audience
8. Create fan pages
9. Create official accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other popular social platforms
10. Think about retargeting
11. Make website improvements
12. Promote your website through offline mediums
13. Get your venture listed on local business listing websites
14. Request existing customers to post positive reviews and testimonials
15. Give freebies on industry related websites
16. Create as many positive online resource as possible
17. Share valuable posts, how-to guides and tips with customers
18. Give exciting offers and discounts
19. Capitalize on festive occasions and events
20. Simplify social sharing on your website

You can surely take care of points like fan page creation, blogging and forum discussion on your own and that too without spending a single penny. For running advertisements and offline promotion, you need to shed some money.

For points like SEO and website improvements, you need assistance of professionals. Best of luck!
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Awesome post !
Yes, It's true, Increasing a website Traffic is very important for any online business. Thank you so much for these 20 valuable points. I would like to suggest one point more.
Unique and attractive content with heading.
It is also very important to improve the website traffic.
Thanks for article.
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Good tips, I really like #4 particularly Facebook Ads you can get so much traffic there. I just got 1,200+ Likes to my business page for $24.00 at an average of .02cents per like.

You just have to throw your fears away and do it.
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I agree, sometimes for clarity sakes, all one has to do is refer to a simple list of to do's like the one above. Great post!
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All 20 points mentioned above are great and informative for increasing the traffic on a website.Traffic is the most important part in any kind of online business.If we are want to generate the online business ,Social Media,Content marketing both are the top marketing techniques for generating the traffic on a website.
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