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How to increase the backlinks to my site

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How to increase the backlinks to my site

How to increase back links for websites nowadays, please share your view ?
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You do not have to depend solely on the number of backlinks to increase your ranking. Just focus more on optimizing your website and creating good content, which people can share on their social media accounts or on their own websites. If your content is worth the share, you gain automatic and organic backlinks over time.
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Following are some ways to increase backlinks:
1. The broken-link building method
2. Use Infographics
3. Guest Blogging
4. Build internal links
5. Promote content
6. Spy on your competitors, etc
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Back links are important for Search Engine Optimization because some of search engines give more credit to websites, which have more number of quality back links and consider those websites more relevant than other’s sites in their result page for search queries.

Some of the imporatnt ways to increase backlinks are mentioned here:
Promote blog content
Guest post
Classified ads
Blog commenting
Image sharing
Do competitor backlink analysis
Do broken link building method
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First, you need to analyze competitor analysis. While doing backlink you need to take care of some important elements, such as:

1. Total number of links
2. Number of unique domains
3. Linking domains vs total links
4. Anchor text usage and variance – branded, keyword rich, etc.
5. Fresh/incoming links
6. Page performance
7. Link quality*

Source: http://www.toolsinsight.com
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What do you think about paid guest blogging, Paid guest blogging is ideal way for long time or not ?
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Infographic submission
Guest Posting
Content Marketing
Blog Commenting
USe different high authority sites to post your content to gain quality links.
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There are many processes to get backlinks for site such as Directory suubmission, Forum submission, SBM, Article submission, Profile creation etc.
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Ok, Got It, Thanks for sharing the valuable information.
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do social bookmarking
pdf, video, ppt, image submission
Guest Posting
Forums link
Blog Commenting link
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There are many ways to generate backlink. according to me, below activity is important.

Social bookmarking
Blog commenting
Forum submission
Guest Post

Do You Need to Get Real Instagram Followers:
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The answer for this question is already well discussed in this thread. Kindly check it here: post134768.html
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I'd have to agree with Maryt here. The quality of your content will eventually translate into numerous backlinks for you. If you focus too much on getting backlinks just for the sake of it, you'll be operating in the dark. Just concentrate on quality content and the backlinks will eventually gravitate towards you.
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recently webmasters using many ways getting backlinks.
As a beginner, these will help you
1. Guest Post
2. Web 2.0
3. PBN
4. Forums and Q & A sites
5. Blog Commenting
6. Profile creation
7. Social Book Marking
8. Directory submission
This will help you--> http://www.digitalsitemap.com/dofollow-instant-approval-blog-commenting-sites/
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Building high quality backlinks is always a challenge job that everyone face with. I also have an articles about this. Please be shared to you guys below:

Technique 1: Discussing in related forums
Technique 2: Writing quality reviews on other related websites
Technique 3: Gain quality Backlinks from Social networks
Techniques 4: Translating CMS plugins (like WordPress, Joomla)
Technique 5: Writing quality articles as Guest author
Technique 6: Use footprints
Technique 7: Own a PBN (Private Blog Network)

The full article can be found here: http://ecoupon.io/7-ways-to-get-backlin ... e-ranking/

I hope this helps!
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Hello friend,
You can create some backlink in every day, Like
Guest Posting
Article Submission
Blog Comment
Forum Posting
Infographic Submission
Social Media Profile Link Creation etc
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-Daily Update site with unique post
-Good quality content
-Copy free content
-Sharing contents or link on social media sites.
-Participate in forums relevant site title
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For back links you can post forum, blog, article, press release, classified submission, bookmarking, social sharing, guest posting, quora QA and many more.
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Writing guest posts in reputable websites within your niche
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Build internal links.
Promote your content.
Write testimonials.
Contact journalists and important bloggers.

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Relevancy is the most important criteria for effective link acquisition.The stronger the site, the better the results.Getting backlinks from sites with real traffic is another way to solidify your tier one.Distributing your backlink anchor text recklessly can hurt you twofold.

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Besides to all methods mentioned above you can build relevant backlinks on niche websites yourself. Or find some link building services if you wish to.
As for me, combination of social, forum, profile and niche backlinks works the best.
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The Best SEO Backlinks Techniques are:

1. Social bookmarking
2. Directory submission
3. Classified Ads
4. Local business listing
5. Forum posting
6. PPT Submissions
7. QNA(question and answer)
8. Web2.0
9. Blog writing and submission
10. Infographic
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