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How to do SEO for a Static Website

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How to do SEO for a Static Website

How to improve SEO for a static website? Do static websites build up on their own when it comes to search engine optimization? Does Google like static websites?
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Hi kallayprasanth05,

I don't think Google has a preference between static and dynamic sites, It's much better these days to pay attention to what users prefer. If you have a static site that has informative articles that give value to users, then you're sure to rank for your keywords compared to other sites that give less value.

Any website does not "build up on their own". They need to be promoted, whether through social media or through blog/forum commenting, even article submission. You need to build links to your site and promote it, regardless if it's a dynamic or static site.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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First check your website's error and after that do on page include title tag, keywords, description, complete meta tag creation.

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The only difference between static and dynamic website pages is the URLs. Static website has only one URL for each page. In terms of SEO, it doesn’t matter whether your website is static or dynamic. You can apply all the SEO strategy which you have applied for dynamic website. In both cases your site sends HTML as a response to the web browsers/ search engine bot. The main thing to consider for static website is the content, ensures your content is high quality and includes your targeted keywords, so it will help you to rank in SERPs. But still when you consider SEO, static website has less chance to always rank high in SERPs because the content on website pages is always same. Nobody like to visit a website which contains the same content all the time, it's also true in terms of search engine bots.
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just continue your seo work it does not matter your site is static or dynamic
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