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How much to charge for web seo +marketing?

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How much to charge for web seo +marketing?

how Much to charge fort seo and manage blog, creat slide show on site n promote this clothing line, they just trust me so much that want me to get % on all the online sales as wel wih marketing, in the midtime because they just start creating the company we only charg them $300/month for what we have done my wife n I..please. help
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mark schaaf
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If it were me I would go with the percentage, in the short term it might not be a lot of money but if the business goes big you could end up making a lot of money. You just have to be smart with it and makes sure you have a contract spelling out everything. I might stay with your monthly charge for a little while then go with the percentage who knows in a year you could be getting 2000 a month. You could also try to convince them to do the percentage thing with a 300 dollar a month minimum.
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Hi jeckyvishva,

Mark has a point. Try to analyze the income that they are getting with their sales through you. Calculate the percentage and get the trending of their growth. If you see that the company growth is in good shape, then going for the percentage would be a good idea. Average commission for clothing and accessories could range from 5%-15%.

So, if you are getting $300/month, get the 5% of the total sales they are getting through you then compare the figures. if you are getting more with the fixed price, then you can stick with it but if you could get more with percentage then that would be the best option.

Just gather useful information and you would know what to do next. Good luck!
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can i exchange links with irrelevant websites?
is that necessary to exchange links with relevant site only?
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REally it depends on what you are doing. What I would recommend is looking at other SEO services and see what they are charging, and go from there. It depends on what you do for them as to how much you should charge.

If you are doing a couple of hundred links a month, I would think 300/ mo is way too much, but if you are doing several thousand links, plus all the on site seo, it might be worth it.
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