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How Do I Track Clicks for Solo Ads?

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How Do I Track Clicks for Solo Ads?

Hey guys, I'm about to purchase my first solo ads. Any recommendation for software that can be used to track clicks?
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I don't have any software to suggest, but you can check out this Warrior Forums post on the same topic: Track Solo Ad Clicks

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Free : bitly.com
Paid : www.hypertracker.com

voluum.com free for 100,000 events (Events include visits, clicks, and conversions.)
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Suggest that you want to set up a two level tracking system.
1. Use any tracking system to monitor the number of clicks you get from the solo ads themselves. Bit.ly is a good basic, free service. You only want to know the total number of clicks to see how well your ad performs and/or make sure you are getting value for money.
2. You also want to set up seperate tracking for clicks on your actual page that your sending people to. Most Solo Ads reward readers for clicking, so knowing the number of clicks from the ad doesn't throw any light on how good your actual offer is. As people will only see your page for a few seconds, you are best using a splash page, which would normally only have one link on the page. This can also be tracked for free with bit.ly if you only want raw click thru numbers. If your splash page is self-hosted, then Google analytics would provide all the data you need. Suggest you don't do this, however, as this will badly impact your page bounce rate (number of people who only view one page) which will destroy any search rank you have. A good choice is Hitconnect
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