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Has anyone used Sick Submitter

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Has anyone used Sick Submitter

I tried the trial version of sick submitter.

It looks like it will work pretty well, just wondering if anyone else has had experience with it.

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Hi. I'm sorry I haven't really used this but the forums and reviews can be helpful. I have below a link to one of the reviews on Sick submitter.
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Sick submitter is a ubot, similar to se nuke scrapebox and xrummer all of which are responsible for a great deal of spam
I am not aware of your experience, If you are inexperienced here are a few things
Read the forum on their site it will give you an idea of what is involved

Using this will depend on your experience and knowledge of link building, proxies, do follow, link wheels etc and the tactics to do this correctly
for example if you build links to fast to your site google will probably drop your site
If you use this for more than a few links you will need proxies ( only using your ip will get you banned)and pay for captcha breaks

Here is what it can do in the extreme, go to your blog or directory, register, submit avatars, wait a week to check if approved, then submit thousands of articles and links in a day
If you are very smart you can also drop cookies

This system is used by blackhat marketers to build massive backlinks from others and also increase the rankings of their own sites through a complicated linkbuilding system they set for their own sites using web2 and their own network of sites

All that said it can be productive,if you know what you are doing or take the time to learn, its not just a matter of submitting and getting links

if too many others have blasted the same sites the webmaster will place no follow on his site and the links are useless

Something of note is that most of the big shonky IM gurus use similar systems like this but dont tell you, how do you think they set up their 3 way linking programs

I have tried these but found the hassles of keeping up with the many changes that occur annoying but they do work but beware of the pitfalls and the knowledge needed to do it without harming your interests
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From my experience .... SeNuke is the best tool on the market. Have tried several others, but they don't live up to it.
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Hello Stacie, I know that you just did the trial version of sick submitter but in your opinion how easy or difficult is it to use? Thanks
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