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Good Click Rate - How Much?

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Good Click Rate - How Much?

I just read an article about copywriting and now wondering how much my articles worth. Other people with good copywriting skill might create 1 article with amazing title and fabulous call to action and manage to get hundreds of visitor while I might creating 20 articles and merely get 5 or so visitors.

So, what is the percentage of a good click rate? (currently my articles view at EZA is 17K with around 700clicks, so its 4.3% click rate).

Is copywriting skill truly an important skill that we must learn exclusively?
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Hi. I'd say it depends. Click-through rates are naturally going to be different from campaign to campaign, and even from keyword to keyword. Since this is the case, click-through rate should really be viewed as only one indicator of your campaign’s performance. It’s best to try and balance your evaluation of those rates with a just-as-critical look at your conversion rates (number of clicks converting into sales or other actions you want people to take). As for copywriting and in regard to sites, you can have a killer website design and you can employ the latest technologies to make your visitors say “wow!” but unless your web page copy is compelling enough, and unless it gets the right traffic to your website, the only business you do will be accumulating the “wows!”.
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you don't have to master writing yourself either. Most of the website owners I know cannot write. They pay others to write for them.

learn the basics so that you know what to look for, but be willing to pay someone who enjoys writing to do it for you.
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Being a copywriter involves a lot of work because there’s always something new to learn. Focus on the headline, Write persuasive copy like that many more tips are there to improve the copywriting skills

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