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General PageRank Question

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General PageRank Question


I've been looking for some link exchanges lately and doing some as well, and something crossed my mind. Is there a minimum PageRank I should be looking for to have a backlink from? Currently my site is a PR 5, but should I even bother with any PR's under, let's say, 3?
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We don't recommend link exchanges, but if you are building backlinks, the higher the PR, the better. I don't discount websites with lower PR though. If they are a blog or forum, I would still participate in them as long as they are within my website's niche. If it's another webpage related to my website's content or niche, then I would try get my links on that website.
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the only link exchanges I would recommend are the natural kind where someone likes your site and you like their site and you both naturally would link to each other.
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Wonder if you could clear some things up or am I talking to a bot

You say you have a site PR 5 -which is an affiliate site
So it seems you have a successful one
Why are you asking innane questions about worpress and joomla and design

I have a social site which gets a lot of junk bot posts and your url was one of them
Roseeta stone affiliates from China are renowned for it. User names such as yours are typical of what I get

The moderator should email you and this would confirm if you are genuine or just posting links
I would apologise in advance if you are but I doubt it
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