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Ezine articles to each of my pages. Do all of them count?

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Ezine articles to each of my pages. Do all of them count?

I understand that multiple links from one site normaly will not help as google will only bother with one, but will 20 articles on ezinearticles.com to 20 pages on my site help all the pages or just the site itself?
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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Google ranks web pages individually so links from ezinearticles to any of your pages will certainly help the particular page on your site.
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Fara is right. However, If you submit a feed from your site to feed directories then all webpages in your website will be accredited. :)
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It is actually a great idea to deep link into your website with your anchor text links. This will get the search engines to crawl your site in more depth. You should deep link to the page that discusses the article's topic in greater detail.
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Ezine is a very reputed website.. i published 3 articles and all the 3 was shown for me.. dont know about others.
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