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Can I Build Links On Irrelevant Sites?

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Can I Build Links On Irrelevant Sites?

Dear Fellows i am facing some problems related to generating back links from the niche sites because i am facing shortage of such sites from my targeted regions. Somehow i need to know that what do you think of the reputation of those backlinks generating from the irrelevant sites. for example if i am working for a real estate site and having signature of such site then do you think my replies with those signatures would help my site to gain attentions of both the readers as well as search engines?
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Hi Daniel,

I'm sorry, I don't understand your inquiry. Are you having trouble looking up sites within your niche to build links on? If so, then you can look up sites on related or connected niches. For example, if your site is about online dating, then you can build links on blogs and sites that offer relationship/dating advice. They may not necessarily be about online dating, but they are about dating in general. So, they are related.

If your niche is related or connected to real estate or is about realty, then linking to real estate sites is fine. It would be great too if you can build links on sites within your target area, but if there is a shortage of sites on your target area, then you can build links on sites that are on the same niche but for a different location.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Cecille has shared a good information regarding niche. Adding more, if you want to know that forum signature help gaining attention of users then yes its true. But add forum signature in such way that it doesn't look like you are promoting your website. Add a simple and catchy line that completely explain your business and user like to read it.
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I agree posting to related sites of your niche will help. The only thing to put in mind is will my target market or target audience visit this site as well? Example if you are promoting a website about a certain type of diet program say paleo diet, you can also post in sites that you think maybe of interest to your audience, such as fitness, yoga,recipe books, etc.
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