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Blog Commenting Dead?

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Blog Commenting Dead?

I'm trying to get a better understand of building links through blog commenting.

From what I have been reading I learned that most blog comments are no follow which are good for diversifying a link profile and getting traffic but not good for SEO.

My main question is this still an effective strategy in 2014? If so what do you put in the name field of blogs. I've read you can do something like Name@Keyword and then in the website link, put the relevant link.

Not sure if this is still allowed or if it will be marked as spammy. The last thing I want to do is spam and get penalties.

Any ideas?
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If you look at it from an SEO perspective, blog commenting won't really help you that much since most blogs these days are no follow. However, it is great for getting traffic to your site, enriching your site's link profile and interacting with your target market.

I think the above reasons are enough to continue doing blog commenting. It's a great way of reaching out with your target market and make your online presence felt within the niche you're in. In a way it does help boost PR because it helps bring more traffic to your site.

If so what do you put in the name field of blogs. I've read you can do something like Name@Keyword and then in the website link, put the relevant link.

Always use your name and if you can't (or don't want to), then use your site's name then post a link to the relevant post on your site, or you can just refer them to the homepage.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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You can get effective backlinks from blog commenting. Make sure you post on relevant blogs so you are not dubbed a spammer. See to it that your content is not laden with sales pitch.
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Relevancy is most important factor for blog commenting and forum posting. If you give comment on relevant blog, it is better for you for get visitor traffic.
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It works but have to be careful now a days.

Google screwed one of the biggest guest blogging platform (MyBlogGuest) after that update.
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Blog commenting is good for generating traffic but it's very hard to find one that is do follow. So you should only comment on blogs that are similar to yours.
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Blog commenting very best way increase your backlink.
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