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Authorship Issue Google

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Authorship Issue Google

Hey all,

Bit of a question relating to Google. I noticed in a recent article here on Affilorama it talks about how Google now want to know who's authoring particular pieces of content. My question is this - what should we do in relation to this?

For instance, if I'm promoting something which is a female product then it wouldn't be appropriate for a male to promote, what should I do?

Basically I guess what I'm asking is what are you guys doing about this issue with your niche blogs? Do we need to put a face and name to the blog?

In the Blog Bootcamp Mark doesn't do this so I'm don't really know what's best practice here?

Thanks so much for everyone's help in advance.

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Hi Steve,

The point of Google authorship is to show real and genuine authors behind the articles/websites. I personally think it is more about accountability rather than about boosting your ranking.

Of course, if you have google authorship and you continually post good and quality articles, readers will recognize you more and will start searching for your name instead of your site :)

Perhaps Google authorship is also useful SEO-wise but I personally think that authorship is more about promoting good articles and recognizing the authors who created them :)

So for your concern, I am afraid you cannot create fake author for sites/niches that are a bit 'inappropriate' for you as the author. You can skip the google authorship thing if you feel uncomfortable linking your name to your niche site.

But for other niche sites you have, it is advised that you set-up google authorship :)

I hope that helps.

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Google Authorship works as a kind of incentive for authors to produce the content they can sign personally without any doubt and in this sense Google Authorship is a tool for building legitimacy and credibility online both for authors and for their content.

Moreover, would-be AuthorRank is believed to be based on the authorship markup, a Google+ profile and other social signals to which personal information is essential. But, generally speaking, if you have nothing to worry about, then adding the authorship markup and integrating your site with Google+ profile has more benefits than drawbacks.

If the issue is quite sensitive, for instance as the one as you mentioned in your question, you can either skip the authorship markup, or use other person’s name (let’s say, the one of a female employee) in blog posts, articles etc. I personally don’t see anything wrong with using a different person name for advertising or review purposes, because customers usually feel more comfortable when a person of same gender is an expert on products which are for male or female only.
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Create a female personality that can be the "spoke person" for the site.

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