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article directories

mark schaaf
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article directories

I have used a lot of the information i have read in the forum in regards to seo and am looking for a little more info. When Mark has a webinar and has guests often they talk about article directories a lot, and give many names of article directories, how does someone go about picking an article directory. I am using E - Zine articles right now but should i be using more then one directory. I know E-Zine articles wants me to not submit my article to anyone else but i could wright a different version and submit it to a few different article directories. I know I have heard pros and cons about this. Mark often says google will only show a couple back links if the same article is on many directories and site but he also says I could still get a lot of traffic if people go to my site after reading the article. so i am wondering what my options are as far as using one article directory or should i use many. Also how do i choose one because i have been looking at many and some don't seem to have many articles under my subject which at first thought would be good but then thought if that directory wasn't known for good articles on my subject then who would go there to find an article i would post. thanks
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You could choose article directories from this list: Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic and Pagerank
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You don't need to submit to hundreds of article directories. Some article directories which are good to submit to aside from ezine are the ff:
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Wow, really great article, nice information about article, i am new in Seo field and that really helpful for me, thanks for sharing. really good information about article directories, vary huge collection.
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Hey plam,
I do submit to all of the above aritcle directories and more but I have seen the best results form enzine and ideamarketers.
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very nice list of article sites.
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You can sure take advantage of article submission,If it submitted in High PR directories with your good targeted keyword.
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One of the article directories you mentioned that you submit to is articlebase.com.

But, according to the "Top 50 Article Directories" page, articlebase.com is a nofollow website. Isn't that something that we should aways take into consideration? That we need to look for dofollow sites?
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Hi Yowza1,

The purported value of submitting your articles to articlesbase.com is syndication. Your articles there can potentially be chosen by website owners for re-publication on their own sites and that means more readers get the chance to see your articles, in which you would of course have links to your site(s).

While submitting to dofollow sites indeed is preferable, nofollow sites still have lots to offer in terms of generating traffic to your site. Our blog post Have you developed a case of “nofollow” tunnel vision? covers this.

I hope that helps :)
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article base is also another good directory for getting an article ranking, which will drive more traffic to your site through your links.

I was doing some keyword research yesterday, and I found that out of the 30 keywords I looked at 18 of them had articles on article base ranking on page 1 results.
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