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Alexa Traffic Ranking

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Alexa Traffic Ranking

could someone explain to me what the number means in alexa for traffic ranking? whats the best , a higher number or lower number? mwhat does it represent ive had a look on site but dont quite understand??
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hi the lower the number is the better your ranking is..
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mark schaaf
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It means out of all the web sites out there this is how popular your site is. So google might show up as 1 facebook might show up as 2 and your site might be 18,598,256. What it really does is counts the people who go to sites. If there are 25 million site out there and no one has gone to a site at all the site would rank at 25 million, however there could be many sites with no clicks so that could make things complicated so the more people that go to a site the higher up the ranking ladder it goes.
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Alexa ranking is reversed to other ratings where the lowest number means the best. The number in Alexa is refers to how popular your site is with other people who have the alexa toolbar installed. The lower the Alexa ranking number the more heavily visited the site. Having an Alexa ranking of 1 would mean your site is the most popular with all of the Alexa users.

You can check your Alexa Ranking in 3 ways:
1. Visit www. alexa.com and type in your domain name in the search box.
2. Install Alexa Toolbar on IE only.
3. install search status extension for mozilla firefox.
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Alexa Rank increases depending on the volume of traffic your website is getting. However, information is only based on those who have the Alexa toolbar installed. If you're using a Firefox browser, you may install SEOQuake to see your Alexa ranking.
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