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2 weeks to the first page of google?

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2 weeks to the first page of google?

I have been doing some research on link building for SEO purposes. I would love to make a small niche review website and get it on the first page of google as fast as possible (dont we all).

However I think it is important to manage my expectations before I dive into something like this head on.

Franklin Hatchet, a youtuber that is an expert in this sort of thing posted a video about a year ago that outlines a way to quickly rank your website with backlinks which I find really interesting and tempting to replicate.

He claims by buying cheap ferver links as well as web 2.0 sites to build diversity in your backlinks (I still dont completely understand why this is necessary) and then later buying PBN for a more expensive price, you can quickly rank your website to the front page of google if the content is good.

I believe in this video he even said it can take 2-3 weeks.

If anyone has any honest opinions on this please let me know. I would love to replicate this strategy but I dont want to get ahead of myself if this is just BS.

Here is the video for reference- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_iY604A71I
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Building diverse links on Web 2.0 websites is a good way to grow links to your website.

I would caution against getting cheap links from Fiverr though.

Is it possible to get your page to Rank 1 in two weeks? Yes. But it's got to be great content. The kind that can easily go viral because that is the surest way for any content to get ranked quickly : when it is passed on and shared.

My two cents. All the best!
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As per my opinion, it is next to impossible to get ranked top 10 on Google in just 2 weeks.

Fiverr SEO services are based on automated softwares like SENuke, Xrumer, etc.
Most of those softwares are in the target of Google antispam team. If you really appreciate your website avoid using those and focus on quality, content and building communities on social networks. Its really hard but like in a Moz CON they mentioned that this kind of sites are the ones that find success in a couple of years.
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Before you do anything, build a small Adwords campaign and push your ad into the top position for the keyword you are about to optimise your site for. With PPC, you can get the same type of clicks instantly without having to wait weeks (or even months) before you get clicks organically.

Also, you don't even know if the keyword you are targeting actually converts and whether it is indeed worthwhile to deploy SEO resources on it to get it ranked naturally. So buy some PPC clicks for your main keyword on Adwords and test it first before you do anything else - as you can then analyse the performance almost instantly without having to wait.
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It is difficult to get the keywords ranking into first page in 2 weeks. By following On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques you can increase more quality backlinks for the website.
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Yes, It is difficult but we can try to get ranking as soon as possible, by following on-page and off page techniques.
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