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wrong time of year for some ppc products

mark schaaf
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wrong time of year for some ppc products

I used to run ppc adds for a couple other sites in the past and finely stopped because it only made me about what I was paying for the ads. A month or so ago google sent me a voucher for 100 dollars of free ads so I decided to try running some ads for my travel site. The problem is I am getting about 1500 to 2000 views a day and no one is clicking on the ads. I have made about 10 different ads trying many different selling points because this is what google said to try but I still will only get a few clicks a week our of thousands of ad views. Do you think some products just don't make sense to run ads at this time of year because of the holidays coming up. Since the ads are free and the voucher doesn't expire I am still going to run them but I just wondered what others thought. Thanks Mark
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There are products that sell better in one particular season than other seasons or time of the year. Most U. S. residents opt to take their vacations during the summer months. Many families do not have vacation time available over this holiday season. Therefore the web surfing they are currently doing is probably for their future vacation plans.

I do not have a travel website however I have other sites that are quite seasonal. These sites produce money for a specific season then go dormant for a few months. I have become accustomed to the irregular sales pattern of these sites. Your vacation site may be the same way.

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Imagine you are selling snow tyres (in the UK at least) you probably wont get many sales during the summer months, but bring on October/November and that would be the best time to plough into a google ads budget
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PPC is a giant subject and there really is a lot to learn. I would suggest digging in and really learning the ins and outs of PPC as there are so many variables to your problem.
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Some products do tend to be seasonal, raking in sales on certain periods of the year. Take diet programs for instance. I noticed most people take notice of their weights and figure when summer is approaching. I agree with essexboyracer. It is more cost-effective to spend on Google Ads on months when the product you're promoting will be on demand.
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If you have a product that is seasonal, then you should work hard to establish relationships with customers who will come back year after year. Communicate with them constantly and do your best to make sure every customer is completely satisfied. If you customers aren’t happy, they won’t come back next year.
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Traveling niche? big competition there, people tend to check a lot of sites to see where they find the best offer, so you will see many visitors, maybe 50% who are planing ahead , and 50% who are checking your ads as well as others.As far as competition goes, i strongly suggest to convince your costumer that you are best, if this may be by giving out something free or just having a lot of things to chose from.
If you will have satisfied costumers, they will come back.
Another important thing is, don't forget that people who are checking out vacations, tend to check them in time to time to check if the price has changed.
Im not an expert in this niche but i would say that you should make some research on when is the most productive time to start some campaigns, which season is the most productive.

Good luck!
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Whenever it comes to managing PPC for seasonal products or services, it is a good strategy to attract your visitors by offering them promos. Start by your ad text. Write something that will entice your visitors. Some of the promos you may use in your campaign include providing a set percentage discount or perhaps a tiered percentage discount (such as 10% off, 20% off, and so on). You may also offer package deals or a freebie when you buy or avail this and so on.
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