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When Is The Right Time To Start PPC Advertising?

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When Is The Right Time To Start PPC Advertising?

When should a growing Internet marketing venture into PPC advertising? I am always of the opinion that the marketer should get into 'general' forms of advertising and gain some experience in the field of online advertising before plunging deep into PPC marketing? Any other opinion?
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PPC and other paid methods of advertising can be costly and I would not recommend this to someone who just started their first affiliate marketing site. The best time to go into PPC is when you have armed yourself with knowledge on how to launch a successful campaign and are already familiar with Google's quality guidelines.

I would also recommend looking at other forms of paid advertising. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

My two cents. All the best!
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Yeah Cecille is right you need to have a good source of income first before going into PPC, right now my business has a good income but even then Adwords is too expensive and with Bing Ads I can barely brake even. This is why I'm focusing on Facebook ads at the moment, because it can be tied into content marketing, e-mail marketing, as well as it being a social network.

The goal of a business when it comes to PPC is to grow and be profitable enough to be able to run PPC Ads wherever & whenever you want, being able to "out buy" your competitors and I'm just not there yet for Search PPC but Facebook is much cheaper, for now.

But if you have got the money PPC is great, you run an ad get instant traffic and can scale fast. Yeah having money is great lol.

I would start out with the lower tier PPC networks before something like Adwords, maybe even try Bing Ads first. But really Facebook is cheap right now, it's just a little bit different than search because it's a social network.
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The important thing is to know the value of a visitor or a newsletter subscriber.

If you know a subscriber is worth let's say $5, then you know you can spend up to $4.99 to acquire that subscriber.

And once you know how much you can spend to acquire a subscriber, you can slowly start to introduce PPC advertising.

Start with a small budget so you don't over spend, and if that goes well, then slowly scale it up, working on decreasing your CPC and improving your opt-in rate.

Hope this helps.
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there is a list of 2-nd tire PPC services which are worth trying even in the very beginning. So you can get high quality traffic for competitive prices. For example bids for pharma keywords in google adwords are around $1.5-2.00/click, in 7search $0.5-1.20 and $0.1-0.5 Qualibid.
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Funny enough, if someone is entirely new to affiliate marketing, the first thing I would show to him/her is PPC advertising with Facebook and how to set up a capture page and a follow up sequence. Straight up direct-response style. Start at $1 a day until you can pull good numbers then scale up.

I wouldn't even bother introducing people to website building. If I had to do it again, that is what I would do.

Maybe not Adwords PPC or bing. I would buy an info product to learn that stuff such as the 4 week bootcamp of Perry Marshall.

Facebook PPC is the fastest way to know if you got a good offer or a stinker. Then build a site once you already have few customers and an email list!
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$1 a day sounds interesting. Building an email list is a good suggestion too renaud.
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I think from the very beginning. Use PPC to test if your business is viable. Just have a draft or prototype website. PPC will help to see if it work before you spend all that time and effort on building up the website
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I totally agree with Renaud. Sort of.

I would make use of FB's PPC service when starting BUT always have a simple, yet professional-looking website up and running to make everything legit. It's just been really easy for me to get targeted audience through FB ads and it's really not that expensive. I usually allot a budget of $60-100 US that is good for 2-3 months. That's about $1 US per day actually.

Hope this helps. Have a great week!
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For a growing business or new online business, its difficult to mark their presence on search engines and relevant customers. I think PPC advertising at that is the best option to make a good start on SEs. The benefit is that, whenever people search with a target query then your website is on the top of search engine results and it is a good chance for you to get good and relevant clicks from your target audience.
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