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What is a secured PDF file?
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What is a secured PDF file?

Hello Everybody,

I downloaded a file from the Internet recently in a pdf file. When I opened the file the top bar where the exit button and minimize button are said in parentheses after the title (secured). What does this mean?

Thanks and Regards
Vicky Milza
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Hi Vicky,

A secured PDF file a user who downloads the file cannot edit it or copy the contents off the PDF.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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A secured PDF file-prohibits you from pretty much copying the content of that file. However if you're able to obtain the password for that file, then you will be able to do what you please with the file. Yet, obtaining a password for an particular secured PDF file can be compared to trying to find a needle in a haystack it's pretty much a waste of time.
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A secured PDF file is imperative in businesses for safety reasons. Such security of any PDF document requires the right selection of security level, encryption, and lengths for recipient approval.
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A secured pdf file is a file which is meant to be available to specific users or group of users only, who have the requisite credentials only. Just assume it like the accounts of your company, which are only accessible to people like the executives.
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Upload the document here and ask for the PDF again, you will get the new file in your email and it is going to be free of copyrights.
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