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What do you guys think of cellphone commercials

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What do you guys think of cellphone commercials

I want to make campaign in ADMob for CB.
Something like this one:

Bad or good idea?
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I am just about to enter this market and I will post my results as soon as I get paid.

Admob only accepts payments from a credit card and all my money is held in my paypal account - so I have to wait 5-7 days before its transfered into my credit card. You would think that Admob would accept paypal?

I know that Google recently bought Admob, so there maybe something here...
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really nice information about cellphone.
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Mobile advertising is a very good idea as lots, as in LOTS, of people carry cellphones. And most of these people carry their cellphones with them all the time so you can reach them through their phones literally anytime through your ads.

Just don't be spammy when advertising, as they would have the ability to choose not to view mobile ads.

The same thing applies in this forum. Please do avoid spamming. It does not work. Especially in forums such as this one where people are savvy about such things.
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