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Using Keywords for PPC Landing Pages -- Need Help

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Using Keywords for PPC Landing Pages -- Need Help

What I don't understand is how one determines which "main keyword" to use for landing pages, since you use multiple keywords in an adgroup.

For example, lets say you have an adgroup targeting keywords related towards dog barking. Given that your using multiple keywords, how do you know which one to use for the landing page?

Would you want to choose the keyword that has the best search volume for your "main keyword" or is there something else to it?
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Hey Auscast,

You usually give a dynamic landing page for example i have 2 groups with 2 main keywords and 2 landing pages.

Group | Landing Page
Football | www.mywebsite.com/football
Soccer | www.mywebsite.com/Soccer

This will improve your CTR for the ad also.
There are more 2 ways to do it :

1. Using Subdomains :

Group | Landing Page
Football | Football.mywebsite.com
Soccer | Soccer.mywebsite.com

2. Using PHP get variable (if you have a programmer) (Main advantage is that your Display url can be still the same however you can change only the Landing URL)

Group | Landing Page
Football | www.mywebsite.com/?keyword=football
Soccer | www.mywebsite.com/?keyword=soccer

Good luck ,
Alex Berghian
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Ideally you want to keep the focus of your landing pages fairly narrow - if its too broad (ie youre chasing too many keywords) you risk diluting your keyword relevancy and getting a poor quality score from Google (pushing up your CPC - cost per click).

Choose one main keyword based on factors such as traffic volume and CPC. You'll have to decide how much the advertising is worth to you in determining this but obviously the keyword with the highest traffic is more likely to get impressions and thus click-thrus, and hopefully then sales.

The ad group is more about widening the net and doesnt have to be expansive, particularly if youve chosen a broad match for your main keyword as Google will automatically display your ad when it feels it's relevant.
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So does SEO (on and/or off-page) effect QS? I have no idea how Goog determines QS.
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