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Tracking PPC Conversions to a Keyword Level

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Tracking PPC Conversions to a Keyword Level


I was wondering about Tracking my PPC Conversions down to a keyword level so I can figure out the best keywords to spend my money on and what to pause ect. It also helps me determine how much I should bid.

Do you still recommend Xtreme Conversions as the best solution? I can't find much information on them in Google except for a discussion in Warrior Forum that it has not been popular since 2006. I know Clickbank provides 8 digits so that you have the ability to customise and track down to keyword level but other Networks don't work that way.

Do you have any suggestions?

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There is actually ore details on Xtreme Conversions here-> ... n-tracking

And you may also use Google Analytics E-commerce tracking here-> ... -tracking/

I hope that helps!

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Hierarchical structure in the keyword level tracking is a requirement in setting up PPC campaign. Yes, you are right that PPC tracking helps in determining bids.
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Yes you are absolutely right. conversion tracking is very important for measuring success of any will give you data for making feature decision of your campaign also.
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