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Target Domains For PPV

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Target Domains For PPV

I am learning to do CPA and standard affiliate product offers, butuse PPV as traffic source.

When I get a list of domains to use for PPV networks from a domain scraping tool, I may get hundreds. Many of these could be unrelated. Do I simply dump the whole lot into the ad group, and let the bidding sort out which domains deliver traffic or not? Or do I have to manually go through the entire list and make a best-guess at which ones will be relevant?

I'm thinking that if I do not go through the painstaking sifting, many relatively untargeted domains will get through and maybe drain the daily spend without results. However, if I do, it will take forever and a day to work through all the domains, for just one affiliate product campaign. Your thoughts?

Practical example: DIY auto spray paint course. Do I go in and throw out all the car rental domains, and company domains like Or do I just hope for the best with all of them?

I guess this question is analogous to bidding on keywords for standard PPC, in that you try to find the most relevant ones. I am not an expert at any of this, least of all PPV. However, I do know that there is cheap quality traffic out there, provided ones knows what one is doing. Given that Google and FB PPC prices and rules are outrageous these days in so many ways, I am trying to focus more on this sort of thing.
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I am afraid that you have to manually sort those links. It is a challenge but if you are able to get some really good links for your paid campaign then it can be worth it. Also, there is really no cheap way to do paid ads. You always spend to get traffic and not all traffic are converting-- so you end up spending more than your budget to see which works for you. I suggest while you do the paid ads, you also start building your website for content and do SEO as well. In the long run, you also benefit from organic traffic.
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This is a good post. This post gives truly quality information. There are available four campaign categories for Domain and Premium PPV traffic. For Push traffic, there are three: RON, Target, and Source.
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You really need to weed out them manually, but don't go to broad as well as way too niche. Make it some traffic wise for making some results as well. How is it going by the way ? So many time have passed since that time you created that post.
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