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So my 1st time using Adwords and I'm already banned

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So my 1st time using Adwords and I'm already banned

I have some free Adwords credit I want to use, picked out some good keywords and ran my campaign, only for Google to tell me that my ad has been disapproved because it's a bridge page. I've done a bit of research and know what it is now, but it really is pointless to run the campaign if I take off my very few affiliate links.

The page I used is

I believe I have high quality and unique content on my website, so would I be able to create a new campaign around this page that has no links to any affiliates -

...or will Google still not allow it since my website has affiliate links?

What other companies provide a decent PPC program?
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You can always use Microsoft advertising, some say it converts better.
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I think the thing is that are too many affiliate links compared to original and relevant content. Under Penguin, Google is weeding banner and link farms. But even moreso, they are weeding out content that is "spammy" and/or unoriginal. A lot of the text under your links is a lot of sales text, rather than anything original. Maybe create a separate page for each program you're promoting. Also, create a little extra, original text under what you already have there.
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Also, Facebook has a good ppc program. Speedyads offer clicks for $0.01.
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You need to really have an email optin form to make Adwords work. You do your selling to them once you have them on your list, NOT on the landing page.
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