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Should the landing page have the same address as my website?

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Should the landing page have the same address as my website?

I constructed a website using one program, and created a landing page with another, the difference between the two is the landing page has /wp at the end, which points people to my website and the product provider. Does this contravene any unseen small print in googles policies?
Any help appreciated.

david W
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Hi David,
I am not sure what you mean.
But if you create a landing page with /wp on the end.. it is just another page on your website in Googles eyes.
Maybe you can elaborate more if you need a more detailed answer.
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As long as the domain is the same, then you are ok.

For example, as the display URL would be ok for the following landing pages:


The following would not be okay for the example above:

Hope that helps.
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I do not see Google having a problem.

Normally a "Landing Page" is part of your website. I often establish two or three individual landing pages so that I can test which land page design is the most effective.

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Margene Smith
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You shouldn't run into any problem as Google only requires that both destination and display URLs are the same. The following help page on Google Adwords about display URLs will help. There are also other helpful links at the bottom.

Have a good day!
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The problem I see with split testing landing pages now is Google's stance on duplicate pages. Usually testing is done by creating duplicate pages and changing one or two things at a time. How are people managing split tests, without ramming their head against Google's Duplicate content rules on their site?
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