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Setting up Landing Pages in Wordpress

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Setting up Landing Pages in Wordpress

Does anyone know how to set up PPC landing pages to a site that is so far just using SEO ?

It is the Mystique Theme.

Thank you.
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You could check to see if Mystique theme uses full width pages, this will get rid of the sidebars and make the landing page more relevant. There is another great free theme at which from memory allow full width pages but it also removes the header as well as the sidebar (if you choose to), which would be perfect for a landing page. You could install this in a sub domain on your Website.

Another thing you could do is purchase some html landing page templates.

Hope this helps,

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I hate to be a pain in the neck! I'm still confused with the web terminology and my head still turning around with maybe silly words (for the veterans) but for a newbie is a new jargon to get used to. So here are my questiosn?
What's a Squezze page and how can I make one?
A website differs fron an e-mail?
And last question What's a Domain.
I'll be glad to get a respond A.S.A.P on your behalf.
Kind regards
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lol...protagoras looks like you are new to the world of computers. Here are the answers:

1. a squeeze page is a page especially designed to squeeze people's emails out of them so to speak. These pages are great for internet marketing purposes.
2. A website is a place were people visit online such as and an email is like a messaging service.
3. All websites need to be referenced i.e. the website's name and this is what is called a domain.
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Thanks for the clarification Bill, I wasn't quite sure what a squeeze page was either lol
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