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Removing pop up advertising on Adwords?

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Removing pop up advertising on Adwords?

Could anyone tell me how to get over the problem of popups on sites. I try to set up selling on adwords ,see a nice site and the next thing my advert is banned because of popups. Do you have to get a special link from the seller to overcome this? :? I need help on this one
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If you are direct linking to a merchant account and they have a popup this will disallow you from running an adwords ad. The landing page must be popup free if I remember correctly. Can you create your own landing page? If so, do that and you will be good to go.

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You'll be better off creating a landing page, but perhaps the merchant either has or can create a link to a page without a popup. You can only ask.

However, I'm with Adrian and would suggest just putting up a landing page. Theres a couple of videos on this, so check those out if you don't really know how to go about it.
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You can ask the merchant if they have one without popups or if they would be willing to create one.
Landing pages can also be used... make sure they sell well.
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You would definitely benefit from using your own Landing Page in this case. There's another reason besides the pop-up, and that is (it seldom happens) that Adwords sometimes reject your ad because the back button does not work.

I've had this happen a few times to me. Basically this is the normal flow:

Ad => CB Hop => Merchant

So if you try and hit the back button, it goes to CB and bounces back to the merchant again. Adwords SOMETIMES bans that. It happened to me 3 times.


Ad => Landing Page => CB Hop => Merchant

Solves 2 problems. Pop-ups and Back Button.

There are obviously much more benefits which I'll post later...
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some clickbank merchants will create for you landing pages.........I will tell you a secret.......I bought clickadequilizer and it directed me to a place called which directed me to click bank merchant that help aided you with landing 7 day trial.........I KNOW, you have to go all around to find the true treasures!


P.S. I'm not, at this time in space, really sure about the latter resource...(cliskadmerchant) - It is something like that...but if you really, really want to know, let me know....and I will surely, surely give you an exact url address, but you have to be a member of clickadequiler to get in, I'm pretty sure of that........clickadequilizer costs $97......and it is best that you have high speed internet access.

best wishes always,

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