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PPC Quality Scores for Affiliates

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PPC Quality Scores for Affiliates


I've been looking around for successful affiliate marketer PPC landing pages with high quality scores - in order to learn from and model.

A friend pointed me to Mark's WoW affiliate site PPC landing page. It seems very similar to other PPC landing pages that I've seen with lower quality scores.

Does the landing page indeed have a high quality score (say higher than 6)? and;
Is the high quality score a function of the large amount of high quality, original content on the site?

There's been a lot of doomsday talk about google hating affiliates etc., it may just be that Google wants high quality original content on the site as a whole - and investigates this when giving a quality score.

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Hi Rishan,
You will find that Marks PPC page is linked or tied into his main site that has some really good content on it.
Some people just put up a single landing page or squeeze page.. and expect it to get a high QS.

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Hi Rishan,

Here's one of the most comprehensive articles I've read on how to improve your Quality Score: ... ate-guide/

I hope it helps you.
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The quality score is more dependent on the relevancy of the ad to the content on the landing page.

So if your content contains the keywords that you are using for your ads then your quality score won't be a problem.

For example if you adgroup is focusing on WOW Strategies and your landing page is all about Farmville then there is no correlation and the quality score will be low, independent of original content. But if your content is all about WOW Strategies then you'll be fine.

One of the best things to do is to try a few different adgroups and see which ones ranks well in terms of quality. If any don't then try to figure out the disconnect and fix them.

EDIT: I'll also add a few things that affect quality score...

Google wants to know that it can trust your site so having a "privacy policy" link on your landing page will also help increase your quality score.

And also, your quality score will change as you go because Google looks at your CTR when determining how relevant your ad is. So if you are naturally providing what people are looking for your Quality Score will increase naturally. If not then it will hurt you.
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