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PPC, AffiloBlueprint, and a weak stomach...

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PPC, AffiloBlueprint, and a weak stomach...

Hi all-

I am inches from pulling the trigger on AffiloBlueprint, as I have a pretty good idea what I want to do and I think this would be a good tool for me to do it, but I'm wondering just how much the system depends on PPC, which seems to always leave me a little sqeamish (PPC is my least favorite part of the whole Interweb Marketeering deal). My fear isn't limited to spending money to advertise and seeing no revenue- there's also the "$48 in Adwords costs to generate a $50 sale" component. The only way I see myself as not losing money in those circumstances is if my time is worthless.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone with experience with the system can offer their thoughts on if it'd be a good fit for me if I'm PPC-averse.

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I currently have a copy of AB2.0. It does not really depend on PPC. When I started out with affiliate marketing last year I jumped into PPC without any proper training and as what most would expect it was a stupid move and I almost lost my shirt! What I liked about AB2.0 is the fact that Mark teaches you SEO to get your site ranking on the natural results from Search Engines. I am still developing my sites and still building links so I have not experienced any results so far. But with my solid plan (at least I think it is) I expect to start making some money before September 2009.

Get a copy of AB2.0, you won't regret it. The fact that people here in Affilorama are very helpful in the forum is a very good plus. There are a lot of Affilorama staff who answers questions here very often and Mark Ling himself drops in time and again.

Btw, the url you see on my signature is a site I created using the teachings of AB2.0. The site is for PPC but I have not had the courage to get back to it yet. I want to get some results from my main site first (url not provided) through natural rankings before I start PPC again.

What are you still doing reading this post? Go ahead and grab a copy of AB2.0 now!

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Nothing wrong with sticking wih SEO and leaving PPC until you have some cash to play with. That's how I started too.

If you do grab a copy, check my sig for a ton of bonuses that I'll throw in. I made them specially for affiloblueprint :)

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Hi there,

I haven't taken the plunge to adwords yet. However, I did buy commission blueprint course.

If you know what your'e doing..unlike myself I think you would find it valuable. It is not so good for beginners like me because it is jammed packed with info and not any website building or seo.
I have found many recommendations for cb course.

It gives you a formula and excel sheets to use for calculating your spend and shows you ins and outs of working out your you not overspending all the time. It does recommend to bid high to test your market but also says you can bid low as well. I have heard it is a good strategy.

It is very clearly executed..but does take time to go through like all courses available but there is not much fluff it's all good stuff to implement

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AB2.0 is a great course.

But if you really hate PPC, think out of the box.

Some folks love PPC. (E.g. me)

Some folks here are Adwords Qualified Individuals (E.g. me)

As such, these folks have access to Adwords coupon codes.
(E.g. me)

Try to work out a deal with some of these people; you provide
the site, the other guy does the PPC, you split the profits,
something like that.

Or you could "hire" that person to create a campaign for you,
and he'll give you a coupon ($100 worth of credit each) so you're
not too deep in the hole even if it doesn't work.

No I'm not soliciting business lol, I'm probably too busy to
do something like this at the moment, but I'm sure there are
people here who are willing to do that fer ya.

Thinking out of the box never fails!
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