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Please Help Me

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Please Help Me

Hi all,
i am new internet marketing, i would like earn through adwords by clickbank.
Can any one help me, what minimum bids should i keep and which country i choose?
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When setting up your campaign n the AdWords dashboard, when you enter your bid amount, it will show you which position this would give you in the listing for your keyword. I would suggest going for place 2 or 3. you will still be as visible as spot 1, but could be much cheaper.
As for coutries, as most CB products are in English - USA, Canada and UK in that order.
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wahprofitscom you are right
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Hello myounus. I was able to read your message and I'm willing to help. My suggestion why bid when you can opt for something better? Have you considered checking out other companies and see the affiliate programs they offer that will best match your needs? Maybe you'll have better chances of succeeding if you do that...

Like me for instance, I once settled for well-known affiliate companies, but they don't really deliver in the end. Then somebody introduced me to my current affiliate partner who was a budding company at that point. At first I had doubts whether I'm going to be scammed again, but it turns out they are a great company. Now, I am using their offerwall and my monthly revenues are steadily increasing because of it...

My point is, don't settle for clickbank or adwords. Instead look for other companies so you'll be able to get the be program that will help you realize your goals of making money online...:)
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