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Phrase Match

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Phrase Match

Hello, I am trying to implement Marks strategy from affilioblueprint and I have a few questions:

1) He does not say what type of match he uses: broad match, exact match or?

2) He says to start bid $1.60 for product names and $0.60 for other terms, but I don't see where adwords let you bid differently for terms that are in the same adgroup... am I missing something? Do we use a different adgroup for the cheaper words or?

3) He shows how to do conversion tracking but from my stats I can only see the tracking for adgroups, how can you see the conversion tracking for individual keywords?

Thanks so much in advance,
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he recommends setting up multiple add groups, with only a few keywords in each one.
this gives you a more targeted approach,and if you are chicken like me, you set up one add group with about 3-4 keywords, and tweak that until it makes you sales. once you get a few up and converting it you begin to get better at it. however, it takes time and constant monitoring to keep from losing your shirt when you first start out.
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You might consider the "one keyword per adgroup" structure.
If you then write highly targeted Ads for each keyword you will then have an extremely optimised structure. Do it well and Google rewards you. Of course, it'll take more time... but that's the price you pay.
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phrase match means whole keyword match when u searching any query.
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