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No Ads For a High Grav. Product- Is This A Sign?

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No Ads For a High Grav. Product- Is This A Sign?


I have found a clickbank product with a fair payout and a very high gravity. Although when I search the product name on Google there are only about 2-3 ads?? Is this a sign that it is not a converting product or something?
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I wouldn't take that as a definitive sign that it is not converting - it is possible the market isn't as saturated yet. The could be other reasons such as a high CPC or low traffic volumes.

Try the Market Strength tool to find out if a market is worth chasing.
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Sometimes merchants don't allow affiliates to bid on their product name using PPC. Sometimes they don't want the competition :)

Also it might depend on where you're located and which version of Google you're using. If you're not in any of the really popular locations (US, Canada, UK, etc) then a lot of affiliates might not be targeting you, and you won't see ads showing up.

Using works fine. Sometimes I think that even if you set your country to be the US in Google itself, it still knows where you're REALLY from ;)

(We get that all the time here in good old NZ. Nobody realises we speak English. Or perhaps they know that we don't have money to throw around!)
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If you are not residing in the USA then you will need to use a US proxy to get accurate PPC results. This will give a better indication of the competition. A good free one is:

Just enter in and then your keyword phrase and all the adword ads seen will be from the US marketplace.
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Do you have to use a proxy?
Can't you just use Google's own tool : ... reviewTool
i think you can select the country so it searches as if you're searching from that country...(i am not sure)
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