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Need Help Creating Affiliate Product Landing Pages

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Need Help Creating Affiliate Product Landing Pages


I am interested in promoting a product on Clickbank for affiliates to promote, and I need to develop an effective landing page which will have a pop-up when people try to click away, and offer a $1 trial offer.

I'd like the site to be similar to the sites that Mike Fiore and Digital Romance offer on their products like ... band-back/ which has text, graphics, video and a pop-up that triggers when people try to leave.

I'm looking for a platform or developer that will enable me to create these types of pages and which I'll be able to host on my own servers rather than having to pay a service like on a recurring basis.

Does anyone know of such a product out there?


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You could use WordPress popup plugins. They're free :)

Some web designers recommended the following plugins: ... p-plugins/

Or you could do your own search in WordPress:

All the best!
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Are pop-ups necessary? I find them annoying. Does anyone else just want to scream when they pop-up while you are looking at something you want to read about and then you have to stop and take care of the pop-up. Can someone please give me a reason to rethink that?. I sure don't want to cost myself a great big sale just because I find it annoying.. I think I may need to run that around the room again.
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Hi Mary,

To be honest there are a lot of things in the online marketing world that might make you scream. An important thing to learn is that you can't always rely on your own personal likes or dislikes to decide what other people out there in the world (most importantly your potential customers) are going to respond to.

If everyone in the world found those popups to be so incredibly annoying, then those people would stop buying the products they promoted, and marketers would lose money. Then marketers would stop using the popups. Marketers are really good at responding to what makes them money and what doesn't.

Personally I understand your fury -- I'll never sign up through a popup window that appears twenty seconds after I reach a page, before I'm even half way through the article I'm reading. I don't even know if I like it yet! But for every one person like me, there's another person who is happy to do it. So it goes on.

A marketer might also assume that someone who is easily annoyed by popups isn't likely to be particularly impressed by getting a lot of emails, isn't likely to buy what they're promoting through those emails, and so is not their target audience anyway. Doesn't matter if they get a little annoyed. But that's mighty cynical :)
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