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My Rocket Piano Landing Pages with PPC

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My Rocket Piano Landing Pages with PPC

Hi All,

I thought I'd be the first to post a message to this sub-fourm since it's been empty for a while. I'm hoping to get some advice for my Rocket Piano campaign. Please feel free to be brutally honest. I PM'd Mark after I first launched it and he gave me helpful tips. Some I implemented, some I've been holding off on.

Anyway, I started an Adwords campaign around the beginning of July and decided to just use a single page with some presell and a lead capture box. I decided against a review site, since I just wanted to tout the benefits of RP.

Results to date:

clicks: 517
AW spend: 137.14
sales (4 copies/1 refund): 80.08
CTR: %1.5

Initially my CPC was kind of high, but with active work on my KWs and bids it's down around .25. I don't think this is too bad and if I was getting a 1% conversion rate, then I would have a profitable campaign. Though just barely.

Here are the 2 landing pages I've tested. The first one only had about a 50% CTR to the RP sales page and I think most people didn't want to read a long sales page:


I'm currently using this much shorter landing page:


I'm getting better than a 90% CTR to the RP sales page with this one. I've been working on my ads, and it has been an effort to get the CTR up to %1.5.

To be honest, I've run a few of these PPC campaigns for CB products and have never made a profit and I've been at it for about a year. One of the reasons I joined Affilorama was because I was impressed with Mark's ability in this area as demonstrated in the introductory videos.

I've been more successful at affiliate and Adsense sites. I'm not sure if CB affiliate stuff is really my game, but I would at least like to have one profitable effort.

I can post some of my ad copy and snippets of the KWs I'm using if that helps.

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I liked your first letter because it tells a story. I liked your second letter
because it gets right to the point. Your name recitalist.com confuses me.
As a beginning piano player who is taking lessons from home from my
computer, I do not see myself giving a piano recital. I would not have
any interest in your newsletter. I think your domain needs a more piano
generic name. I have dabbled with keyboards and am considering
buying and promoting this course also. Otherwise I think your letters are

Dan 8)
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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the recitalist.com domain is one I had sitting around in my "portfolio" of domain names. I registered it a while back on speculation since it's a one word domain, which are getting rarer.

But yes, it's not very targeted towards learning the piano. This is also something that Mark pointed out to me. I just registered some new domains today and will switch to something more targeted for this campaign.

One thing I'm concerned about is the traffic I'm driving to the RP sales page isn't converting very well for me. I know RP converts well based on it's CB stats. I would think though that the traffic I'm sending is interested in learning piano.

You're definitely right about the newsletter - only 1 subscriber :(

When I was first starting with aff marketing I thought about doing a piano aff site. I didn't pursue it since my niche research seemed to indicate that a lot of people were searching for free sheet music and piano appraisals.

The only aff products I could find was a course on piano tuning and repair and then maybe piano lamps and bench cushions. Just didn't seem like a profitable niche. I might still build the site someday though and add in piano courses. Thanks again for your insight.

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I think that you would be better off, for now, setting up a review site, or hoplink directly to rocket piano.

This is for adwords, right?

Also make sure that the words in your adwords ad, and the keywords that the user searched for also appear on the landing page that you send visitors too. That should help prevent google asking for $1 per click, etc.

hope this helps!

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