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Making money on pay per click

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Making money on pay per click

In case any of you are interested in Pay Per Click marketing, I urge you to watch the august Afilorama update, it is full of handy tips and tricks.

There is a lot of great info in this update that you can apply right away to enhance your pay per click campaigns.


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It's definitely on my to do list Mark, I've been pretty much focused on affiliate programs, so this is going to give me a few other ideas I'm sure.
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Hi Mark,

Just to say the CPA interview with Gauher was excellent. I have watched the video several times now just to make sure i caught everything.


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In the traffic brokering video, Gaundry mentioned that he changed between offers pretty often. I also noticed on the outline of "Traffic Brokering" that he uses minisites. My question is while I am trying to use what he has taught us should I make just a very small site, landing page or do these offer go straight to the landing page of the advertisers. I thought I heard him say that he sends people straight from the ppc search engine to the advertisers page. Please if anyone can clear this up it would be greatly appriciated.
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