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Is URL Masking OK with Adwords?

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Is URL Masking OK with Adwords?

When i visit a site (lets say []) it redirects me to [] but is still see [] in the address bar.
How can i do this, and is it OK with Adwords?
thank you
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What you described is url masking and this can be done by putting up a 100% frame page.or by using apache rewrite or by using page retrieval software. You can do a search on google for url masking for the details on how to set it up.

And, NO, it is NOT ok with adwords. Look it up on
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Here is a code that will do what you want. Put between the head tags on a HTML document.

I don't think Google will know as long as no one else is linking to the same page.

I am not sure why you would want to do this, it won't get you around the double serving rule, but will mask your affiliate link.

The vendor probably will not like it either.


You can also simply have your URL Directed to a Hoplink by your host.
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