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Is PPC the only way?

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Is PPC the only way?

My site is 4 months old and I have been focused on web content, article marketing and organic SEO. I am listed on Page 2 of Google under three of my keyword phrases but not converting. Is PPC the answer? I was seriously hoping that organic SEO was the ticket and now am wondering if I have missed the boat.

When it comes to selling ebooks, is PPC the best method? Has anyone found that they did not convert until using PPC?
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PPC and organic SEO can be used to achieve the same goal - making sales or capturing leads, but they are really different ways of getting there, and one does not replace the other.

PPC can be a great way to get things moving quickly and create instant traffic but you need to plan it well including having a set budget and creating specific landing pages that are strictly focused on converting.

Issue 3 of the Affilorama Premium magazine covers PPC in more detail with tips on the best way to approach it to avoid just throwing money at it.

I use PPC heavily (generally not direct linking) and its a major part of my business, and I make sales without it but do your homework first. Its a waste to spend money on a PPC campaign if the returns (CB commissions) are low.
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Mark, I'd like to hear a little bit more about your assessment that CB commission are low... do you think that spending PPC dollars would be better on something that brings in big dollars, like maybe cars or appliances or something? I have been doing PPC and right now I am definitely spending more than I am making. I'm going to throw about $100 more at PPC and then pull back again.
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I think what Mark was trying to say is if the CB commissions for a particular product (not CB as a whole) are low, then it is a waste.

That's the way I read it, anyway.

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