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How to set up Tracking Codes on my review site?

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How to set up Tracking Codes on my review site?


Does anyone knows where or how i can go about setting up a tracking code so I know exactly how many people are clicking on and leaving my review page to the merchant page? Currently I'm getting around 200 clicks a day and 2% CTR for one of my review page. However there was still no conversion out from these visitors and costing me just around $20 today. I'm in a dilema and not sure if I should stop the campaign since it is not converting. If I have all these informations, this would tell me if I need to rework on my review page or I should drop the merchants page if they are not converting at all.

Thanks in advance.

Clifford :lol:
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There is a PHP script I use to cloak my affiliate link. HTML code is generated and put within a blank Web page. The page itself is actually a frame. When someone clicks on the link, it then appears with a URL that makes the merchant's page seemingly appear on my site.

So, rather than directly point to the merchant's site, I would create a page called product.htm. And when I was giving the link to the product, the link would be

And when people clicked on that link, they would be taken to the merchant's site.

The beauty of it is, if you used a tracker like Site Meter ( or even looked at the stats provided by your Web host, you could see how many people clicked on (which is actually your merchant's page).

Does that make sense? If you want the PHP script, I'd be happy to send it to you and explain all of this in better detail if need be.

Just send me a PM, if you'd like.
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Hey Clifford,

You can sign up for a free click tracker at Then replace each of your links with the clickaudit link.

Check the # of CA clicks against your Adwords and you'll have a pretty good estimate on the numbers.

To make it even more detailed, setup a few links to see which converts better (e.g. an image with a link, links higher up in the page or lower, etc)

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You can go into your google adwords account and set up conversion tracking. From there you can specify what type of tracking you would like to set up.

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