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How to pass moderation of offers in Google Adwords

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How to pass moderation of offers in Google Adwords

4 rules for passing the moderation of offers in Google Adwords

Based on the internal statistics of TerraLeads we can see that contextual advertising plays a significant role and continues to grow strongly for all traffic from Europe. However, many media buyers face the challenge of "locking your account". Our partner Dobroslav has agreed to open his own secrets, how to pass the moderation in Google Adwords.

I have came to the media buying from the usual contextual advertising. I have heard a lot of information which confused me: Adwords bans all media buyers, successful advertising campaigns can only be through the use of dirty tricks like "cloaking" etc. But no one talks about how to advertise in a "totally legal". You must agree - a pleasure to work safely and be sure that tomorrow your account will not be blocked without explanation.

Rule №1 Do not promote dubious products

Google has certain rules of advertising. You should not just flip through the rules but even read a couple of times. Now I am going to tell how you should check the products those are allowed by Google.

Take 3-5 products you are going to send traffic. Prepare for each of them 10 basic keyword queries at an appropriate future country’s language. Then, using IP of that country do Google (remind that in each country Google Search has different domain names, for example each of this 50 queries. A lot of your keyword queries will be used by competitors, so you go on their sites for code review. If the content is downloaded not using Iframe and cloaking, then your products from the same category will be allowed by Google. The best option if among the advertisers there are major players, such as Aliexpress. So your products will be allowed and easy to advertise.

Rule №2 Have access to advertised websites

Almost all of my campaigns were blocked either immediately or within 3 days after. So you will have to make changes to sites and repeatedly. The main thing is not to delay it, no matter who will do it: you or support.

Rule №3 Be patient

Be prepared that the site will be unblocked not immediately, only after 3 - 5 notifications. Right after the lock you'll get e-mail will contain a text with general information and a link, which shows some rules. My advice: under each review write a disclaimer in a given language "The results from the use of this product may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the organism". Also, you ought to replace all phrases which have specific numbers on the common phrase. For example, the phrase "After 2 weeks of using you will 100% get rid of acne" could be replaced by "Using this product, you quickly get rid of acne" or "Guaranteed results in 95% of cases" to "Wonderful results". After the first changes I thought that the conversion will fall heavily and campaign will go down, but practice has shown that conversion has not changed.

After making changes send email to support with all information about adjustments you have made on the site. To get result quicker just ring them up. Practice has shown that after calling a support reacts much faster.

Rule №4 Be polite

Sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube, and so on. have the right to block the user's account without explanation. Therefore, as I understand, any Google’s manager can block you on the basis of their own reasons, but formally point, for example, for being rude or foul language. Therefore, do not forget to greet in each letter and write phrases such as "Thank you in advance" and "Best regards" at the end of letter. Because as a result you will get this letter and be able to start earn money.

I hope these simple rules will help you earn well and you will enjoy working in CPA Hub TerraLeads.
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Hey! I'm new to this patform. Thanks for the great info! Any more tips and advice are very welcome! :)
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It is also a good idea to always read and follow the advertising policies of these ad networks before submitting to avoid getting rejected.
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