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How to check fraud clicks?

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Google tracks and makes adjustments for invalid clicks (see What kinds of clicks does Google consider invalid?, How does Google respond to instances of invalid clicks?, How do I see data for invalid clicks?). But they might not be able to catch them all so you have to check your site's data to find if there are IP address that are clicking on your ad repeatedly. You can submit what you find as evidence and request a bill adjustment.

Someone suggested in this thread to install Stat Counter to monitor and check if a suspicious IP is coming regularly to your site: Protect my ads from fraud clicks

You could also try the suggestions made on this thread: Google Adwords click fraud - How to avoid it and monitor it?
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i would bother about waisting time on fraud clicks, yes it happens, but itsnot worth worrying about, Google have become very sophisticated lately , where they will automatically detect fraud clicks and not charge you for them
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Hi Mark!

Just be precautious about unsolicited emails, they are often fraudulent. If you are not familiar with the business name that sent you the email and you’re not sure that you’re dealing with the real thing, find another way to contact the legitimate business company and ask. However, responding to unknown senders may simply verify that yours is a working email address and result in even more unwanted messages from strangers. The best approach may simply be to delete the email.

Sometimes they also send you an email pretending that they are associated from a company with whom you have an account, or even construct a username that is just like that of a well-known company to gain your trust, be suspicious and ask for information that the business already has, it’s like verifying an account. Just be guarded and don’t provide your credit card or bank account number unless you are actually paying for something.
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To check the fraud clicks on your ads, here's what to do:

1. Go to your campaign and click on the " Columns" button.

2. Look towards the left side of the box that pops up and tick the "Invalid Clicks" and "Invalid Click Rate" options beneath the "Performance" section.

This will display the invalid clicks and invalid click rate for the time period specified.

Hope that helps!
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