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How to Achive good CTR?

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How to Achive good CTR?

I am running few ads but but click rate is very and getting loss day by day, client shouting for sales. And we think those click coming from different location, I think they are person who just click for punish not for purchasing.
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You need to test different headlines and copy, so you can make your own conclusions and decide what elements are working best.
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You need to conduct several tests for your campaign. A little improvement will go a long way. Try to check out similar websites or ads and see which factors are missing or wrong with your own landing page.
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Following are some ways to achieve good CTR
1. Start generating urgency with countdown timers
2. Use ad extensions to increase visibility
3. Use symbols to get attention
4. Put the main keyword you’re bidding on in the URL of your ad
5. Call your readers to action to get the click
6. Before writing a word of ad copy, get to know your audience
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Try putting a special offer in your headline, put your main keyword in your display URL, or add a period to the end of description line one.
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Try A/B testing for your ads. It will help you to find the best ad which will hook customers hard
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Some Important Tips to Improve CTR:

1. You can add your ads call to actions terms(Like attractive words)
2. You can create unique ads with your related keywords.
3. You can add site links to your AD Group level.
4. Your ads promote in Google and also Google partner sites.
5. The main important thing is you can maintain your ad Top Page Bid(Top Page Bid means your ad visible top 4 positions only)
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Here are a couple of additional things to consider when determining your ideal click-through rate for paid search:

Typically click-through rates for search ads are higher than click-through rates for ads on the display network. That’s because display ads aren’t so closely match to intent, and are often more about generating brand awareness than immediate conversions.

Ads tied to “softer” conversions, like a free quote, tend to generate higher click-through rates than ads for high-ticket items like enterprise software.

Ads for brand keywords drive some of the highest CTR’s of all and can raise your overall account Quality Score.

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