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How Do I Target The Right Customers?

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How Do I Target The Right Customers?

how do I know if they customers I am bringing to my site through PPC are the customers that are ready to buy?

How do I target the right customers other than using analysis on my keywords?
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Hi Brandon,

Keyword analysis is important in PPC because that is how you will get users to click on your ad. Users who are on the lookout for weight loss products, for example, will use the same keywords when searching for information online. So, if you are promoting weight loss products, you would be using keywords like "lose weight now" to target users who wants to lose weight right away. This does not guarantee that the users brought by your PPC ad will purchase, but you are assured that these are users who are looking for products to help them with their weight loss concern.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi Brandon,

Two ways of doing it:

1) Use your gut. Put on your psychologist hat. Have a guess.

2) Try a bunch and see which ones make sales. You have to be prepared to burn through some money to figure this out though.

A good place to start is with keywords like "product name review" and "author name review". If anyone is searching for the product name like this, they already know about it, and they're already thinking of buying it.

Next step back in certainty would be keywords like "product type review" "best product types" etc. (Eg, "dog training guide review" "best dog training guides" "best training guide for puppies" etc). These people clearly want the type of product you're promoting, but they're not sure which one yet.

Beyond that it starts getting into guesswork. You need to know your audience and the problems they're facing, and how urgently they need a solution. When people are in some kind of "pain" (not necessarily physical) and need a solution quickly, they are more likely to buy.
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You can also go to social sites and forums to learn the "language" of your customers. Hang out where they do and you'll start to figure out their problems, concerns, fears, what makes them happy, and what WORDS they use.

Take that knowledge and use it in your ad copy and landing pages.

For example there may be a dog-training forum post out there that says "How do I stop my dog from barking at the mailman?"

So knowing that now you could make a headline, "7 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Barking at The Mailman" create a free e-book, a website, the possibilities are almost endless when you know what they want because you just have to give it to them.
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Right customers can be targeted on niche forums. That's because most members of niche forums show interest in the products and services related to the particular niche. Interaction with the members can get you a lead or two.
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alex qualibid
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1. use long tail keywords
2. add negative keywords like: how, can, what, if, or, info, free..... this will help you to filter out those users who need just to know more information about your product and who are not ready to buy.
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first of all,go wide and make board keyword list of synonymous and more specific, then test all keyword through adword campaign and check which keyword performing well to get traffic and conversion, after that go deep for those keywords to get long tail variation
i think this is the best way to target right customer
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I had the same question and find here a lot of answers for it) thanks
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