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How can I track the performance of the ads?

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How can I track the performance of the ads?

Hello All,

I have been running ads for my website and i use Google adwords, I have one confusion that what should i see to check the
better performance of the ads.
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There are several tools that you can use to track an ads performance:
*Google Analytics
*Adwords Conversion Tracking
*Performance Summary Graphs
*Adwords Report Center

For more information, please go to these pages:

Overview of Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking

Tracking AdWords Performance
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I use Google Analyitcs. It is anazing for free software.
All that is required is to add a line or two of copied source code on the pages you want to trace and it will be available.
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Channels in Adsense will appearance you the addition in acquirement by anniversary Ad unit. Approach will clue the amount of bang on anniversary Adsense Ads placed and acquirement generated by them individually. Adsense approach helps in appropriate the top assuming Ads with low assuming banners.By creating a approach for an ad you can see the furnishings of changes fabricated you in the Ad assemblage or hotlink assemblage on the acquirement and clicks.
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I found these tips over at another forum.

Google analytics has a built in "URL Builder" that will do the job if you are using google analytics. Look in the help menu for Url builder. It allows you to create custom campaigns. You would then use the URL builder link to tie in to the banner(s) you create. Upon signing into google analytics you can see each campaigns stats.

Or check how much visitor you have before adwords and after adwords. Similarly google adwords have all the analysis features in adwords tool. Check all the options or do some split testing.
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