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Google Slapped my Landing Page

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Google Slapped my Landing Page

Hi all,

Google has disapproved my PPC ads because of a "Site Policy" violation(s).

Would anybody with Google Adwords experience mind looking at my landing page & letting me know your thoughts?

It appears I am flat out black listed. My adds were very good, not misleading, and my landing page, from where I sit, is also within policy.

Their reply email to me said that even if I made changes to my page that my QS would not improve. Sounds like "black listing" to me.

Any feedback appreciated!

Have a great day everyone!
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I'm sorry to hear that you ad was disapproved :( Is your landing page optimized on the keyword you're bidding on? You could use Traffic Travis page analysis to check on the keyword phrase that got slapped. It might also be helpful to convert your affiliate links into redirects.

You might also want to check the Clickbank blog on Avoiding the Google Slap and How To Avoid A Google Slap: 6 Tried and Tested Techniques on Affilorama.
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Hi Michael, was your ad relevant to your landing page?
Check out this page on Google on how to create a high quality landing page: ... swer=47884
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Hi Michael,

dude, your website need a make-over. Google love unique, content-rich websites with working links. Your site temporarily does not provide value as re-commanded by Google and the other search engines.
- more unique and honest reviews (Google slaps one-page sites even if they have things like About Us etc covered.You´ll get slapped
- all (outgoing) links must work properly
- no misleading info´s by any means
- not too many links within a review (1 if content short and 2 in long)
long means something like 750+ words
- the url should be meaningful and appropriate too, not sure about yours
for now

After you´ve done that homework you can and should contact your Google rep for approving your site before you continue Adwords.
Stop all Adwords campaigns for this site and communicate with Google if you don´t want to be banned for life.

I speak from personal experience. Stop listening to what all the Gurus say. Most just want your money, not your well-being. Focus on building a business and don´t treat this just like a hobby,it´s a serious biz. Get-rich scheme´s will only disillusion you, make you poorer and hopeless.

Stick to what ie Mark Ling and common sense says. Build a website you can be proud of and can recommed it to you grandmother and her peers at any time.

I wish you good luck and if questions arise, please don´t hesitate.

Good luck

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LP you can, as long as you hide the clickbank link on the line
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Great advice, Bill.

Michael, did you try Bill's advice? Did it work?

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