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Entrepreneurship as a ppc expert - which direction to take?

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Entrepreneurship as a ppc expert - which direction to take?


My name is Michael.
I am a PPC expert with 6 years of experience, big enough range of knowledge.
I want to establish my own business using the knowledge & experience I have earned so far.
I do not know which direction Is better to take. I understand that affiliation is one of the channels.

I have experience advertising using PPC (search/display/social) in fields like football FC clubs, e-commerce, car dealing, classified ads, traveling & more.
As I have understood from the net, gambling/casino niches are almost the most profitable niches to work in thanks to a lifetime commission earning (depending on the activity of brought players).
I have a second degree as a pharmacist D., which means that I have nothing to do with gambling/casino business.

As for now, I am a solo tea. I am searching for a guy around people I am familiar with who has skills in online marketing. There are candidates in fields like conversions optimisers & developers.

I prefer to advertise using landing page building services like UnBounce, PageWiz and more. I prefer not to build a whole project with blog websites and content marketing + I do not want to deal with any SEO activities, at least for the beginning.

Is it ok to work in casino/gambling niches with what I have & ready to do?
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Are you looking for more people to work with you on this business venture? Honestly, I've seen a lot of offers operating under the casino niche and they are earning well... So it's safe to say that you future is bright if you moving to that direction considering you are a PPC expert as you said...:)
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My core dilemma is the way to make it work. Until now, since 2 months ago, I could find any certain information to make a decision.

Shell, I run a dedicated full-content website regarding the niche I want to run, or maybe it is enough just creating dedicated landing pages and run this business with them? Notice, I am not intending to do any SEO activities until I see that my direction can scaleable.
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You have everything but you only need to put everything into Action because that skill you only need to
1 get a right product paying highly,
2 generate traffic to the sales funnel connected to the Autoresponder
3 know where traffic come from that's website analysis to make a
4 share the same skill to your business partners and earn residual income for life.
if you're looking for the right product as a medical professional.
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Hi Michael,

The niche you've chosen is very competitive and it can be challenging for a beginner. However, you've also said that you have hired experts to help you on your site. You really do not need to be an expert to every niche you build as long as you are properly guided how to build things properly from scratch, then you're good to go. But please take note that with the gambling/casino niche, you really have to expect to spend money on advertising since this niche is quite "taboo" for most websites, including search engines and ads for this can really be expensive.
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