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Direct Linking

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Direct Linking

Hello, I am try to do some testing on a Clickbank offer just to see if it converts. What I need to know is just what to do to make a direct linking campiagn to test if the offer converts with the keyword before I invest any time and effort with a website. I have looked up and tried to find information on how to do this but nothing real solid has come up.and yes I did do my research.

Thank You.
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Mecca, you need to select a clickbank product...compile keywords...then set it up on Yahoo if you wanna do direct linking. I.e., place an ad with a direct link to the affiliate page. Google don't allow direct linking.

That's the simplified version. You need to keep track of what keywords are converting and which are just eating up your money as well. You can do this through Yahoo. But I used to use Tracking202...but it's all over the place right now and it's hard trying to get the data. So I have switched to BevoMedia.

Hope this helps.
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It would be difficult to use direct linking to check how a keyword would convert. The conversion on having your own site versus direct linking is considerably different (a difference of at least a hundred buying). Buyers want to know what someone else has to say about a product and see a review before purchasing. If they go through a review page or they read an article before getting to the merchant's site, that can make the difference when it comes to how much they trust the site. And Google only allows one person to be direct linked to, and they tend to choose the person with the highest bid.

You might find the information on the interview with Amit Mehta on how to do direct linking helpful.
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Direct Linking is a appellation apropos to if a web page of one website buyer is bond anon to the images or added multimedia files on the web host of addition website buyer not just bond to a web page on their server which endless the image. The better advantage of absolute bond is that it allows you to bound analysis a bazaar after a huge advance of your time. No amount how abundant bazaar analysis you do, bound testing lots of associate offers is absolutely the best way to acquisition the big winners.
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directory submission
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Just something to think on. If you use direct linking, you will not be able to build a market focus list and this will hinder you when it comes to growing your business. So I am not totally for Direct linking unless you really have no choice.
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