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Conversion Tracking on Review Sites

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Conversion Tracking on Review Sites

I am trying to create conversion tracking on my review site and i can't figure it out...
How do i make TID's to my keyword list based on my adwords campaign.

What is the process?
Do i need tools like ppc speed? or i can do it manually (and effective)? :-)

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Hey there, don't know if you got an answer already.. but I can try and explain it. Requires a little bit of HTML/PHP know how.. but its pretty easy to do.. maybe =] This will only work if your site has PHP enabled on its server.

In the <HEAD> section of your landing page you want to include this piece of PHP code:

So it looks similar to this:

THEN, wherever you have your hoplink, you need to append a piece of PHP code to it that grabs the "tracking ID" we are working with, so add the following code after your hoplink

So a whole hoplink looks like this:

Then the last step is to assign a tracking number to your keywords in AdWords. This is done by adding "?id=XXXX" at the end of your destination URL for your ad group. So your Destination URL for your adgroup in AdWords looks like this:

You can't give individual keywords a destination URL, so just put one keyword per ad group and then have individual tracking numbers per ad group. This allows you to track conversions in Clickbank if you need it.

Hope that was helpful! Let me know if I need to clarify anything.
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Awesome, thanks.
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An alternative is to use Tracking202.

The concept is the same as the php method
described above but with T202 you get a user-friendly

Basically you create your campaign with T202, it
generates a link for you, and you stick that link
into your ad.

To track conversions you'll need to upload your TIDs
back onto T202 though.

Hope this isn't too confusing.

Oh by the way, T202 is free.
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