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Can you tell me how to use Traffic Travis?

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Can you tell me how to use Traffic Travis?

I am overwhelmed and confused with Traffic Travis software.Exactly how and where do I begin using it?
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When you open up the Traffic Travis software, click on the link that says "help" at the top of the window. Next click on "help contents" and you will be presented with the various functions that is part of the software. Click on whatever module you want to find out more on and a video will start running you through how to use it.

Hope that helps.
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ernestwest wrote:Exactly how and where do I begin using it?

You could start by using the Traffic Travis keyword tool to build your keyword list. Affiloblueprint members usually use this to group similar keywords so that they could choose the best keyword from each group using the Google Keyword Tool.
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traffic travis? what is it? can anyone explain?
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Traffic travis is a toll that helps to track seo and ppc keywords, analysis, and rankings. you can check out the free version at
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Really Bro? I didn't think TT was charging me anything ;)

(BTW, he really meant tool)

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You can check out the link below, as this can also give you an idea on the basic functionality of Traffic Travis. ... ment-tool/
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