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Best file encryption software?
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Best file encryption software?

Hello Friends,

I have some sensitive files mainly documents and the odd image files. What is the most secure software I can buy to protect these files? If anyone having any suggestions regarding this, please share. I did not get any suggestion from my search so I think you will help me in this discussion forum.

Thanks and Regards
Vicky Milza
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"Truecrypt" seems to be good - and it's free.

Hope this helps...
_jim coe
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Try to also look at Symantec. They really have good encryption features plus customer support.
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Hi Guys,

SE File & Folder encrypts any type of file or all contents within any folder that you select. Simply right click, select encrypt, and click. Decrypting is the same: right click, select decrypt, and click. SE File & Folder is the best file encryption software. SE File & Folder is compatible with all file formats and has "Plug-ins" for MS Office Suite.

Encryption is the last and strongest line of defense against the myriad attacks your computer experiences every day. Spam filters, Firewalls, Privacy Settings, Passwords and Anti-virus programs all offer defensive measures against broad based attacks, but none of these offers any defense against targeted data theft. Add to these defenses Securencrypt's Patented Remote Authentication and you have one of the most secure systems available in the world today.

Thanks and Regards
Carlow Olson
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Sorry if i'm a bit late on this - i've been searching too and have recently tried this software which i'd recommend I have heard lots about Symantec too- what are the advantages of their software? I find this all so confusing so any help would be appreciated!
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There really are a lot of encryption software, but for me the best would include Pretty Good Privacy or PGP and TrueCrypt. For me, I’d prefer TrueCript since it runs on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.
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There are few best encryption software tools.
1. VeraCrypt
2. AxCrypt
3. BitLocker
4. GNU Privacy Guard
5. 7-Zip
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WinRAR is free, but you would have to turn your file to a .rar file and protect it with a password.
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